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JCB was begun in Brambles, England.  Over the years the product line has expanded.  The JCB loader has been joined by JCB forklifts, JCB telehandlers, and many other types of construction machinery.  JCB has become a global presence with their machinery.  American Industrial Transmission has become a global presence with their remanufacturing skills.

JCB designed a series of transmissions for their various pieces of equipment, plus they are selling their transmission line to other equipment manufacturers.  For a time JCB marketed the transmissions as International Transmissions Ltd (ITL) but they have reverted to their corporate name.

The data tag is found attached to the side of each JCB transmission.  It gives a number with three digits, a space, and three more digits.  This number is the model number.  The first 3 digits should be followed by a slash mark, and the second three digits need to have 3 zero’s added.  The next set of numbers is the serial number of the transmission. 

449/375  200016   Is r
ead as    Model 449/375000, serial number 200016

American Industrial Transmission does not have good coverage for transmission rebuild kits on JCB designed transmissions.  Each one is unique, and both the clutches and the bearings are different from one part number to the next. 

Instead, we concentrate on remanufacturing JCB transmissions and torque converters.  Each JCB transmission is fully cleaned, inspected for wear, and rebuilt to meet or exceed the original specs.  We dyno test each transmission to insure the function and performance.  We check for leaks, shift time, and noise levels. You can be assured that you will be receiving a high quality product from AIT.

AIT rebuilds JCB torque converters.  We process each converter individually.  Rebuilding can be done in 48 hours.  The runout and the tolerance will be held to minimum tolerance. 

Whether you have a JCB brand machine, or a machine that uses a JCB transmission, AIT is happy to quote the cost and delivery time of a remanufactured transmission and remanufactured converter.